December 16, 2009

Platforms for Healthy Living

The Healthy Corp offers custom wellness portals to companies interested in increasing employee productivity and reducing their overall health care costs. We deliver a custom wellness platform that is both flexible and affordable. We allow you to customize the platform so that it works for you and your company’s culture. The cost of the platform is less than most companies spend on employee snacks and drinks.

The advantages of a healthy workforce are undeniable. Research shows that healthy employees have fewer medical claims, are less absent, have less disability, and have greater on the job productivity. The cost of being overweight and obese in America is estimated at $117 billion a year, and three of the leading treatable conditions (asthma, diabetes, and hypertension) are associated with 164 million lost work days per year at a cost to employers of $30 billion. No wonder companies report spending as much as 50% of their operating profits on healthcare costs.

It has also been proven that majority of premature disabilities and death are linked to personal behavior. However, these behaviors can be changed. The Healthy Corp platform is designed to facilitate these behavior changes through awareness, education, and tools. Employees are encouraged to participate by utilizing challenges, incentive program, groups, forums, and a supportive community. Employees stay engaged through easy to use tools such as workout tracking, food tracking, and journals.

Contact us to learn how you can have a healthier corporation today.

The Healthy Corp is developed by Konamoxt, Inc. If you are an individual interested in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, check out our fitness community at

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